About Us

Lou Yoelin and Brundo Marinucci first met in Chicago back in 2005 when Brundo was traveling across the country with his punk/hip hop fusion project, Il Selvaggio. There was an instant understanding that they both had a strong interest in mixing many genres of music together.

Lou, growing up in the Chicago punk scene, and Brundo, growing up in Sarnano, Italy, before moving to Brooklyn as a teenager, both instantly connected on their musical sensibilities, and interest in making music of all kinds. Lou and Brundo quickly formed a prolific composer partnership even though they were often traveling and living in different parts of the world.

As of 2009, Yoelin and Marinucci had both settled in Los Angeles. In the years previous, they have had countless placements in television and film and now started to compose for production companies (T Group, Asylum, Bunim Murray) and networks (MTV, History, E!, TruTV, Oxygen). The mixing of genres and fusing of new sounds proved to be a successful calling card for Lou and Brundo.

Fat Sound Music was started in 2012 and has quickly grown to be a cutting-edge, robust, versatile music library that boasts award-winning composers and already has increased to 27,000 composed pieces of music covering all different styles and genres with the highest quality production. Fat Sound represents, and collaborates closely, with 37 composers, and includes Yoelin and Marinucci's extensive catalogue.

Lou Yoelin
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Brundo Marinucci
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